“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Vision of the School

To take education beyond and build a new India.

Mission of the School

• To provide holistic education to all classes of society.
• To empower the students and prepare them for the challenges ahead.
• To equip the students with necessary skills and knowledge.
• To instill discipline and develop the right attitude and outlook in students.
• To mould the students into responsible and contributing citizens.
• To nurture the young ones with care and provide a child friendly atmosphere.
• To develop the core being and create spiritual rootedness in students to lead a value based life.
• To maintain global standards in teaching and provide state of the art facility.

The seed that was sown by the Founder, Smt.Lalitha Menon in 1968 has grown into a banyan tree. What began as a nursery school has today grown into three institutions - N.S.N. Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Chromepet and Chitlapakkam and N.S.N. Memorial School at Chitlapakkam , which is affiliated to the CBSE.

The object is to turn out young men and women with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, self-reliance, integrity and loyalty. Our aim is not only to sharpen intellect, but also broaden perspective, widen outlook and horizon, deepen vision and insight, strengthen human compassion, sympathy and understanding, bring grace and charm into the minds of our students making them noble in proportion , high and steadfast in aim, wide and tolerant in outlook, beneficient in intention with an innate regard and respect for the human personality and the dignity and worth of the human person.

It is the endeavour of all of us connected with the institution to make our beloved school ‘an ideal of what an educational institution ought to be - ’ a citadel of learning and discipline, a seedbed of character, a workshop of wisdom, a nursery of the nation, nurturing great hearts, strong minds, willing hands and true faith and a temple of culture dedicated to the development of the body, nourishment and enrichment of the mind, sublimation of the emotions and regeneration of the spirit.


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